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 Ryan Zimmerman is a singer/songwriter from Long Beach Island NJ. He is a roots musician dedicated to his craft of songwriting and performing live. Ryan started his music career on the Jersey Shore,where he currently calls home. An avid music fan and performer Ryan draws his influence from early roots performers up to todays consummate guitar players and singers. His windmill rhythmic guitar style is reminiscent of Ritchie Havens and his deep room filling voice summons Mark Sandman.

  Currently gigging and writing ,Ryan will be preforming this winter in and around the North East and New England area supporting his new EP "Ephemeral as a Kiss",recorded this last fall in Asbury Park with the help of Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls. A run of shows is in the works for Southern California at the end of March as well as a full spring tour of the South East in Late spring. 

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Following up Working Musician is 2017’s Ephemeral as a Kiss EP and it’s lead-off single, The Reason. Like a smooth concoction consisting of one part Sublime and one part Jack Johnson, Zimmerman keeps it simple with an acoustic guitar, a funky drum rhythm, and an every-man’s blue collar story of struggle. (Be sure to hangout for the ultra-chill electric solo at about the 2:14 mark.)                                                                                                                                                                       - thearkofmusic.com best singles of 2017 (Dec, 2017)

"Inspired by anything and everything, even just a beautiful day; this self taught musician brings an eclectic mix of music to LBI. Zimmerman’s playlist includes a variety of genres including reggae, acoustic funk, folk, blues and Americana. The variety is what keeps him playing gigs 5-6 nights a week during the summer season. His performances draw crowds for the original sounds and songs at some of LBI’s favorite hot spots.
-LBI Blogger, lbiblogger.com (Apr 18,2017)

"Zimmerman considers his album "Working Musician" sonically eclectic, spanning all different styles he's into, using different drummers, keyboard players, and a sax in recording. Pete Steinkopf (of the Bouncing Souls) lends some guitar along with other notable Jersey musicians."
Jon Coen, Section Two,The Sandpaper (Jun 16, 2016)

"Wintry viewpoints are balanced by upbeat moments that match Zimmerman's famous zeal for life. "Fireproof" and "Johnny Goodtime" ring out with reggae and funk rock energy, while "run it through the icebreakers" and " Forever is Almost Waiting" hit beautiful americana notes, and not only do the songs sound damn good, but they touch on topics any east coast surfer can relate to."
Nick Mcgregor, Eastern Surf Magazine (Sep 06, 2016)

“When it comes to music, Ryan Zimmerman has an open mind. “I grew up listening to punk rock and reggae,” Zimmerman says. “As I grew older, I started listening to jazz. I told myself I would never be judgmental of any one type of music — I just love music as a whole.” To say he has stayed true to his word would be quite the understatement, as he describes his own songs as “a blend of acoustic funk, reggae, folk, blues, punk rock and Americana.” It’s a lot to throw in one pot, but it all comes together nicely.”
Ryan Laughlin, Press of Atlantic City (Oct 22, 2015)

“The original band showcase at the Lizzie Rose Music Room on Saturday night was a sold-out success that more than met expectations of event organizer Ryan Zimmerman. The event achieved its objectives, which were to provide exposure for local original bands and to bring new fans to a promising new venue.”
Victoria Ford, The Sandpaper (Feb 28, 0015)

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